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By Yaaba Yamikeh, Takoradi January 31, 2020 957 0
Sammi Awuku, NPP National Organiser Sammi Awuku, NPP National Organiser

Young supporters of the governing New Patriotic Party have been advised not to spend very much time on social media platforms, particularly WhatsApp, as they prepare for this year’s elections.

The national organiser of the NPP, Sammi Awuku, who gave this advice, said this has become necessary because many such platforms have been infiltrated by members of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

He said in talking too much, NPP youth may unknowingly be divulging vital information about the party which will be picked up and used as campaign weapons by the NDC.

“I’m therefore advising you to be wary of infiltrators by not talking too much on your various platforms,” he urged.

Bicker not

Mr Awuku gave this advice on Peace FM’s Platform on Wednesday evening during an interview with the show’s host, Nana Yaw Kesse.

He advised the youth against bickering unnecessarily and complaining that they have gained nothing since their party came into power. By so doing, they give their opponents an opportunity to ridicule them, he said.

The NDC also capitalises on such complaints to throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians, Mr Awuku said, claiming that the Akufo-Addo-led government has failed and that, contrary to its campaign promises that it would better the lives of ordinary citizens, the government has rather imposed untold hardship on them.

Education for all

Their complaints notwithstanding, Mr Awuku said living conditions for the youth, and Ghanaians in general, are better under the present government than during the Mahama era.

He remarked that, following the successful implementation of the Free Senior High School policy, mothers no longer sell their jewellery, clothes and other valuables to pay their children’s school fees, as they were obliged to do in the NDC era.

“Thanks to this laudable policy, the charcoal seller’s son who would have remained at home is now wearing a white shirt,” the NPP organiser said.

Keep JDM away

Mr Awuku warned young Ghanaians that they will be making a sad mistake if they allow John Dramani Mahama to return to power and resume mismanaging the economy.

The nation’s development, he said, will regress in the unlikely event that the former President enters office again. Referring to the old proverb, he therefore advised young Ghanaians to examine sleep critically “if you know nothing about death”.

Mr Awuku said former President Mahama, who once described himself as a “dead goat”, would “deal drastically” with Ghanaians if given another mandate because he would have only one term to serve.

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