NDC protesters against voters’ register rain insults on the Electoral Commission’s “two fools”: Jean Mensa and Bossman Asare Featured

By Kwasi Frimpong January 22, 2020 3590 1575 comments

What was supposed to be a civil and peaceful protest yesterday, led by the National Democratic Congress to demand that the Electoral Commission rethink its decision to compile a fresh voters’ register before this December’s general election, turned into an orgy of insults hurled at key figures in the Electoral Commission (EC), as well as President Akufo-Addo and other leading members of the governing New Patriotic Party.

NDC members and cohorts from other minority parties used the Kumasi demonstration to rain insults, unprovoked, on the Electoral Commissioner, Jean Mensa, and Dr Bossman Asare, a deputy chair of the EC, describing them as “THE TWO FOOLS”.

The unpalatable caption was captured boldly in an inscription on one of the placards carried by the protesters.

Madding crowd

During the demonstration, which can only be described as one of the most poorly attended of recent times, NDC members were seen with placards displaying insulting words about their political opponents. Rivals were variously described as loony characters – all in the name of freedom of expression, as demonstrators wildly attacked personalities, rather than the thinking behind the EC’s decision to compile a fresh register that will stand the test of credibility and promote high standards of democracy.

Mrs Mensa is an accomplished lawyer and former director of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), the much-respected public policy think tank. Her deputy Dr Asare is an equally accomplished and reputable academic with several years’ professional experience as a lecturer.

The protesters’ placards did not convey positive ideas expressing what the NDC feels should be the way forward to ensure that the country can engineer a credible voters’ register.

Insults such as “THE TWO FOOLS, FIRE WILL BURN YOU” were among other unprintable epithets used to depict the EC bosses. The marchers’ general posture signalled that the NDC intends to use its anti-new register demonstrations partly to carry out the plans that the party’s national chairman, Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, is alleged to have put forward in a leaked recording that went viral early last year.

Satanic curses

In the recoding, which is now in evidence before an Accra court, the voice of a man believed to be Mr Ofosu-Ampofo is heard giving orders to NDC members to go all out and attack the EC chair and other influential personalities in Ghana, including the chairman of the National Peace Council, Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante.

In a radio interview on the sidelines of yesterday’s Kumasi demonstration, the NDC’s national organiser, Joshua Akamba, further described the EC chair as “the devil”.

Mr Akamba declared: “Arrogance is what made Lucifer the devil; that is how Mrs Jean Mensa is behaving. For me, she is a devil.”

When the reporter drew his attention to the choice of words and pointed out that it was an unfortunate thing to say in public, Mr Akamba persisted: “That is how I see her; she is a devil.”

April start

Meanwhile, the EC has hinted that it will begin compiling the new voters’ register in April as a matter of constitutional and moral duty, to facilitate processes for the smooth conduct of the December presidential and parliamentary elections.

The Commission also said it hopes to complete the exercise by the end of May.

The EC’s director of electoral services, Dr Serebour Quaicoe, who disclosed this in a radio interview yesterday, said: “We want to start by mid-April and by the end of May we would have finished.”

In response to the National Identification Authority’s claim that it is willing to hand over its data to the EC to use as the basis for a fresh voters’ roll, Dr Quaicoe said: “We have a challenge with their data: we are targeting over ten million people, but they have about seven million.

“So we don’t know when theirs will be ready. And, besides, we have to attach polling stations to all those numbers.”

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