STATESMAN OPINION - Vigilance required for success of Change Agenda

By Statesman August 19, 2016 1493 0

Ghanaians who are desirous to see a change in government through the upcoming elections have been asked to remain vigilant at all levels of the electoral process to ensure that the outcome of the December polls reflects the true will of the electorate.

Kofi Bentil of IMANI-Ghana wants all those who are not happy with certain actions and inactions of the Electoral Commission to stop complaining about the non-neutrality of the commission. He wants them to rather consider how they will police their ballots at the polling stations on the day of election.

“There's is nothing that is more efficacious than vigilance. Now, your role as an electorate is not just to vote and go home, but to police the votes,” he has advised.

The assurance from Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP that they are winning the elections loudly echoes the wishes of majority of Ghanaians, who, after eight years of despondency under the incompetent Mahama-led National Democratic Congress administration, are clamouring for change.

Indications are clear that majority of Ghanaians have lost complete faith in the ability of the Mahama government to reverse the current trend of gross economic mismanagement and corruption that have combined to impose excruciating hardship on them.

Nothing is working in the country, and what makes the matter worse is that the government is not being truthful to the people, for them to appreciate the real challenges facing the nation.

As a result of the maladministration of the Mahama government, Ghanaians are becoming poorer and poorer, while sleaze and corruption have been elevated to immeasurable levels.

With this state of affairs, it is therefore not surprising that the clamour for change in government appears louder than ever as the nation inches towards the December polls.

But, as Kofi Bentil has rightly pointed, the electorate must be prepared to protect the ballot to ensure the success of the Change Agenda that is in full gear at the moment.

Although the policies and programmes of the NPP have been received widely by Ghanaians, the party must not relent in its efforts at ensuring that victory does not elude it through a combination of political chancery and any other unorthodox means.

Already, President Mahama’s vote-buying mechanism is in full swing, in a desperate attempt to win back the support of Ghanaians are disillusioned about his government. 

The heartwarming thing is that many discerning Ghanaians have given the indication that they will not allow their conscience to be bought by the freebies that have procured with our own funds.  

The fear they, however, continue to express is that President Mahama and the NDC will rig the elections, something they believe the governing party had done in previous elections.   

That is why, like Kofi Bentil, we at the Daily Statesman believe absolute vigilance is required to ensure the success of the Change Agenda which has become very dear to majority of the people.

Already, Ghanaians have given the indication that they will not allow their votes to be tampered with again. The vigilance with which monitored the recent limited voter registration exercise offers enough assurance that the people are not prepared to allow their mandate to be tilted towards the wrong direction. The people must be encouraged to go into the December 7 polls with that mindset.

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