Danquah Institute Liberty Lecture 2019: Alan Kyerematen presents the Akufo-Addo government’s transformational industrialisation agenda for Ghana Featured

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Alan Kyerematen, has assured Ghanaians that the country’s future is bright, given the industrial transformation agenda being pursued by the Akufo-Addo government.

He has therefore called on citizens to rally behind the government to ensure the successful completion of the industrial development task it has set itself to achieve for Ghana.

“The future is bright for Ghana. As citizens of our dear country, we need to work together individually and collectively to propel our nation to achieve our vision of a Ghana Beyond Aid and usher in a period of wealth creation and prosperity for all,” he declared yesterday.

Mr Kyerematen was delivering a speech on the theme of “Industrialising Ghana Beyond Aid for an Integrated Africa” at a Liberty Lecture event, organised by the Danquah Institute.

Agenda for Jobs

The Minister noted that the NPP’s 2016 manifesto, Agenda for Jobs, had “called for a structured and strategic response to the challenges facing Ghanaian industries”.

He identified the strategic interventions made to address these challenges as including the One District, One Factory (1D1F) initiative, the National Industrial Revitalisation Programme (NIRP), the establishment of Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones (IPSEZ), export development and SME development.

“These programmes/initiatives have been designed to address the challenge of lack of capacity utilisation in the industrial sector, dealing with severe poverty and underdevelopment in rural communities through the establishment of an institutional framework that will attract private-sector investments into the rural economy,” Mr Kyerematen said.

“They also seek to promote local participation in economic development and encourage new community-based public-private partnerships.”

Ten-point plan

Mr Kyerematen said the initiatives have been consolidated under an implementation framework known as the Ten-Point Plan for Industrial Transformation.

Its components include facilitating access to medium- and long-term capital for industrial development; implementing the 1D1F initiative; developing strategic anchor industrial initiatives as new growth poles for the economy; establishing industrial parks and special economic zones to improve access to land, utilities and business support services; promoting SMEs in different sectors; and establishing an industrial subcontracting exchange that will directly link SMEs to the supply chain of large-scale enterprises through a structured process of subcontracting arrangements.

Other measures are promoting value-added exports targeting the US market under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), the European market under Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), the African market under the Continental Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), the ECOWAS market, and other destinations under existing bilateral trading agreements; enhancing domestic retail; improving the business-enabling environment; and enhancing public-private dialogue.

Growth poles

The critical growth poles, he said, have been developed in the areas of the petrochemicals, iron and steel, and the integrated bauxite/aluminium industries.

Other areas for development include the pharmaceuticals, vehicle assembly and automotive industries, as well as a chemicals industry based on industrial salt and industrial starch, made from cassava, vegetable oils and fats.

The rest of the areas for imminent growth are garments and textiles, and the manufacture of machinery, equipment and machine component parts.


The Minister said since the inception of the 1D1F programme, business promoters in 112 out of Ghana’s 260 districts have received support from the government and participating financial institutions.

“A total of 181 projects spread across the 112 districts are currently at various stages of implementation under the 1D1F initiative. This includes 58 companies and projects already in operation and 26 projects under construction. It is envisaged that the 1D1F initiative will generate a total of about 200,000 jobs,” Mr Kyerematen said.

According to the Minister, the construction across all 16 regions of 58 1D1F small-scale processing factories, financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB), will commence before the end of the year.
“These processing facilities are to be owned and managed by graduate youth who have been organised into groups under an innovative corporate structure known as the 1D1F ENABLE Youth programme,” he told guests.

Industrial parks

The Trade and Industry Minister disclosed that private-sector promoters are being supported to develop industrial parks and special economic zones around the country to provide dedicated land space with energy, water and telecommunications facilities to enable the establishment of manufacturing industries.

These include the Dawa Industrial Zone, a 2,000-acre industrial park with a 330 KVA power facility, located in Dawa in the Greater Accra Region; West Park, a 440-acre industrial park in Shama in the Western Region, promoted by the BlackIvy Group of the United States; and the Appolonia Business Park, a 200-acre mixed-use industrial park and residential enclave in the suburbs of Accra, promoted by the Appolonia Development Company.

Greater Kumasi project

The Minister said that in collaboration with Sinohydro Corporation of China, feasibility studies and engineering designs are under way, to the design set out in an existing masterplan, to ensure the establishment of the Greater Kumasi Industrial City.

This is a 5,000-acre, multipurpose special economic zone, incorporating the Boankra Inland Port and 21 specialised industrial parks.

The industrial parks will be home to a technology and innovation centre, biopharmaceutical park, food and beverage manufacturing, an automobile park, a minerals and metals processing facility, a furniture city, a convention and exhibition centre and a residential enclave.

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